Free Binaural Beats

Binaural beats for fun, relaxation and health.



This is my homemade binaural beat of sexualality. The sound frequencies entrain your brain to the same frequencies to make you feel like having hardcore sex. Made with Audacity.

Categories: Digital drugs
i got a orgasam just looking at Katy Pary for 10 mins XD
13 April 11 at 07:25
Can this make u loose hearing
13 April 11 at 07:43
@wolfpackhockey35 depends on the person
13 April 11 at 08:18
Is this an instant effect or does it take time
13 April 11 at 09:05
@ LoveForAlexDay m t? steiri they? then yes
13 April 11 at 09:46
So, t? ear? in iPod well enough for this?
13 April 11 at 10:27
I didn’t really feel anything boner sorta did not git on Sun befor didn’t feel anything now then stoped time? G the ear? In out theres my ear ringing in my lef
13 April 11 at 10:42
@ Dont nvbjubjub imn? your ear? in to be beautiful?. . . . t get? The result? his best when? t? by? introduction to them with the lights off and set s? over your sh? ile d? National so as to face? multiple e your body? o? combating and f? between you d? king? the sound. . . . to be sure that your ear? in ear? in steiri?
13 April 11 at 11:15
So when I do this, should I worry about my headphones busting? Because i just got some nice $50 ones that I really don’t want busted
and how would I do this, laying down? sitting up and just staring at the screen?
have it on while I do like my homework?
13 April 11 at 11:47