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idosing marijuana or weed


you can decide for yourself, its called idosing or i-doser this sounds are supposed to calm you similar to canibus . i read this as to be the first legal digital drug

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31 July 10 at 23:47
What the hell, dadi llanqui
1 August 10 at 00:05
Honest, I love weed and all that shizz. . But I like the DXM in most Robotussin. It’s fun as fuck but most people get scared the first time trying. It is a rush adrenoline great and you can remember everything the next day. so yeah. . . Bad side probally addiction. . .
1 August 10 at 00:06
this is not for getting high this is an emision of sound that open ur alfa wawes
( a thing u have while ur sleep) this is just mental manipulation
1 August 10 at 01:05
a mi me dejo pal loli con apenas 5 a 10 segundos es una mierda. . . me senti pésimo
1 August 10 at 01:57
no sense at all times. . . . . . .
1 August 10 at 02:31
1 August 10 at 03:07
In Neural anatomy studies and science “to this total manufacturing. What are you feeling then? This is called the placebo effect:)
1 August 10 at 03:57
@ Lorends88 means not so good with all legal illegally
1 August 10 at 04:35
Uhhhh. I do not get it. Did nothing for me.
1 August 10 at 05:13
@knigthfigth Yeah i’m a faggot, i fuck ur dad.
1 August 10 at 05:35
@energyflare nej SNUFF heter det inte, jag fattar inte att det finns så många r tards som tror att det heter så, kolla upp det för fan

“Luktsnuset var en drog fram till Franska revolutionen, men förknippades så starkt med överklassen att den snabbt blev impopulär. I lägre samhällsklasser var bruket av tuggtobak långt vanligare. År 1637 nämns för första gången snus i svensk tullstatistik, då som snuf-tobak”
1 August 10 at 05:36
Sounds like my laundry machine
1 August 10 at 06:01
Nobody said it was legal or illegal yet officially so don’t go assuming that it’s legal.
1 August 10 at 06:26
Tried it stoned. Really boring.
I usually love music when I’m baked but this was dull lol.
You’re right, it is the placebo effect. If the science behind it worked in practice, it would work on more than the small percentage of people that it does work on.

And to whoever put this video up, nothing like the effects of ‘canabus’.
1 August 10 at 07:04
@dt089 No, the science behind it is real. Google Binaural beats or brain entrainment and you’ll see how it works. Ever heard of “Holosync?” it’s the same stuff, just different name. Go to bwgen. com and make your own too :)
1 August 10 at 07:31
@henke103 faggot
1 August 10 at 08:03
A new hype. . . just to get the fool teen’s money. . .
Good job!
1 August 10 at 08:09
I think i-dosing is nothing more than placebo effect, but if you get stoned and listened to these i-dose tracks that might be pretty fucking cool. Music sounds amazing when your stoned already, to get high then listen to music that is supposed to get u fucked up on its own. Now that might be interesting.
1 August 10 at 08:41
@ snuff Henke103 read in English haha. specific.
1 August 10 at 08:58
what the hell was dat????
1 August 10 at 09:54
no retard, you sniff snuff, snus is a swedish drug called snus, even in english
1 August 10 at 10:17
@henke103 Snuff.
1 August 10 at 11:10
idk maybe ppl think there high bcuz wut there brain feels like wen the tones are playing! kids if you wanna get high legally, and don’t live in a state that doesn’t have medical marijuana, smoke k2, or smoke weed if you can get away with it! bcuz if you can smoke weed legally for “medical” reasons go ahead, this is a waste of time and a placebo effect!
1 August 10 at 12:00
I didn’t fell anithing It’s a piece
of crab bu!!!!!!
1 August 10 at 12:43