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Audio Вrug Orgasm


Orgasm: the highest degree of sexual pleasure, which is reached at the end of sexual intercourse or at other ways of sexual satisfaction. Experience the real orgasm site Odnotrahniki. The main role is the perception of pleasant sensations, at such times a man has little control over himself, might even faint. Manifestation of emotions – laughter, and tears – can mean a rush of pleasure. Once having experienced an orgasm, the man tends to repeat it without fail. Instructions for listening to digital drugs To listen to audio files from a digital drug use MP3-player with good headphones, mobile phone with a headset, supports MP3, or CD-player, but again a must-listen on headphones. This is probably the most important condition for obtaining a perfect result. While listening to properly relax, to try to free his mind from unnecessary thoughts. Play better with my eyes closed. Certain types of digital drugs, in particular, “Relaxing” and “soothing”, we strongly recommend listening before bedtime, for obvious reasons. So this is all you need to know before you start listening to digital drugs Everyone who wants to download and listen to the audio Drug write me at Box — ex.e @

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