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101 stress-busting ways to chill and get better sleep

47. Listen to NPR. 48. Listen to a sports game on radio. 49. Listen to an audiobook or a podcast. 50. Listen to binaural beats. 51. Make a video journal of your day, and end it with positive affirmations. 52. Make a mixtape of songs that make you feel …

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Work habits and secrets of 25 super effective CEOs

And lastly, I have taken to listening to binaural beats during long haul transatlantic flights as a way induce relaxation, sharpening of focus, creativity and other desirable mental states.” “I’m a calendar person and have been maintaining a calendar for …

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Lifestyler with Josie McKenlay: Senses and your health

6. Binaural beats: The world of hypnosis is fascinating, but for someone to be hypnotized, they must first be put into a deep state of relaxation and the music used in a session is specially formulated to do just that. Binaural beats refers to two beat …

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Kokoon EEG headphones can detect when you’re in deep sleep, trigger lucid dreams

Antos envisions that Kokoon could be used for things like responsive binaural beats, reactive music, polyphasic sleeping, sleep learning, mediation, and — of course — triggering lucid dreams.

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Thomas Campbell – Beyond the Physical

Tom discusses the PSI-Uncertainty principle and how it applies to our reality frame. Catch Tom in the upcoming film for path11 “The Path: Beyond The Physical” www. thepathseries. com. www. ReWake. com.
au ReWake uses natural Australian soundscapes combined with subliminal Binaural Audio technology to – straight away transport you to lush authentic Australian countrysides – offer you the faster, deeper, fresher sleep you deserve – safely result in blissful intellectual states – and melt your stress away… …while you relax. Visit: www. ReWake. com. au for your free demonstration today! [Listen to with stereo headphones for deep binaural relaxation and uncommon 3D sound-field effect]. Furthermore, the powerful hypnotherapy programs of Daniel Olson are associated with sleep version and trance version, tomatis impact and binaural beats. The so-called tomatis effect is regarded as as excessive frequency brain changing tones. Most of their …
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